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Steiros™ LLC is an infection control consulting company.  We have a zero tolerance for hospital-acquired
infections (HAIs), being dedicated to their prevention; and when they do occur, preventing them from spreading.

We have developed an infection control and prevention algorithm (Steiros Algorithm®) that has been clinically
proven to reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired infections by up to 90%; including those caused by
multi-drug resistance micro-organisms (acinetobacter species, clostridium difficile, klebsiella pneumonia,
carbapenem resistant, MRSA and VRE).

Proactive Prevention
and Control of
Infections and Patient

Cutting Edge Risk
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MRSA Hospital Aquired Infections
Steiros Infection Control Consulting
Steiros™  Infection Control
Clean Care is Safe Care

Cost Savings = Budget Neutral

By enhancing present cleaning practices, and changing isolation methodologies with the Steiros Algorithm®,
facilities have an immediately hard and soft cost savings with a major reduction of infections.  

Steiros Algorithm®

The Steiros Algorithm® is not complicated.

The process will be outlined for your
organization and each major component will be
explained in DVD format, with webinars and

Implementation of the Steiros Algorithm® will
automatically bring your organization into Joint
Commission (JC) and DNV compliance.  
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Infection Control
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